Urogenital Disease Symptoms

With all of the medical information available today, you can take a more active role in your medical care. This site can help you learn more about the symptoms you want to discuss with your doctor. Click on symptoms from the list below to review disorders that present with symptoms similar to those you are experiencing before your next doctor visit.

Abdominal Pain & Discomfort

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding Before Puberty

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Absence of Menstruation

Bloating & Stomach Distress

Blood in Urine

Blood or Mucous in Stools

Breast Pain

Breast Tenderness

Cottage Cheese-like Vaginal Discharge


Difficulty Starting/Stopping Urine Flow

Discharge from Penis

Enlarged Lymph Nodes


Fluid in Abdomen

Fluid Retention

Frequent Urination

Fullness in Rectum

Green-Yellow Genital Discharge

Heavy, Painful Menstruation

Hot Flashes

Inability to Urinate

Increased Menstrual Flow

Inflamed Foreskin and Head of Penis

Irregular Menstruation

Itchy Rectum

Low Back Pain

Lumps in Breast

Lump in Breast that Moves Freely

Mucous Discharge from Rectum

Nipple Pain/Retraction

Pain/Burning on Urination

Painful Sexual Intercourse

Painful Urination

Pelvic Pain

Psoriasis-type Lesions on Palms, Soles and Around Nails

Rectal Bleeding

Rectal Discomfort

Redness in Vagina

Redness, Pain & Vaginal Itching in Girls

Sharp Pain with Bowel Movement

Skin Irritation/Breast Dimpling

Small Cluster of Bumps and Growths on Penis, Vagina or Rectum

Small Ulcers in Mouth, Tongue or Penis

Sores on Genitals, Rectum or Mouth

Spotting or Bleeding

Strong Odor

Swelling in Breast

Swollen Abdomen

Testicular Swelling

Thin, White Vaginal Discharge

Ulceration on Penis

Urge to Urinate

Vaginal Bleeding in Girls

Vaginal Discharge before Puberty

Vaginal Discomfort During Intercourse

Vaginal Itching

Warm, Tender Breasts

Weak, Interrupted Urine Flow