Skin Disease Symptoms

With all of the medical information available today, can take a more active role in your medical care. This site can help you learn more about the symptoms you want to discuss with your doctor. Click on symptoms from the list below to review disorders that present with the symptoms similar to those you are experiencing before your next doctor visit.

Black, Discolored Skin


Blisters on Hands and Feet

Bright Red Skin Patches

Burning Sensation in Skin

Change in Size/Color of a Mole

Cluster of Small, Rough-Surfaced Bumps on Skin

Cracking of Skin

Damp, Musty Foot Odor

Discoloration of Nails


Edema of the Eyelids

Flaking Skin Between Toes

Foot Odor

Hair Loss

Irregular Whitish Lines in Mouth and Vagina

Itchy Feet

Itchy Red Spots

Lip/Genital Lesions

Misshapen Nails

Moist, Crusted, Pus-Filled Lesions

Nodules Under Skin

Pain on Sole of Foot When Walking

Painful, Red Nodules on Legs

Pinhead-sized Bumps on Sole of Foot

Purplish Bumps on Skin

Purple Finger, Toe and/or Nail Beds

Purple Skin and Nails

Pus Drainage Through Skin Abscess

Pustules on Face and Torso

Pustules on Scalp


Red Lumps on Skin

Red Patches on Skin

Red, Circular Lesions

Red, Itchy Blisters on Head and Trunk

Scaling, Oozing, Bleeding of Lump

Scaly, Cracked Skin Area

Skin Blisters

Skin Lesions

Skin Rash Disorders

Skin Rash

Skin Tenderness

Small Bumps Under Skin

Small White Patches on Skin


Thickening, Scaling of Skin

Tiny White Spots in Mouth/Throat

Tunnel Lesions Under Skin

White Cyst 1cm to 4cm in diameter