Symptoms by Anatomical Area

The Symptoms in the Anatomical Areas listed below are linked to diseases or disorders that exhibit the symptoms you select for review. You can highlight and paste them in the "Visit Prep" and send it to the Patient Portal by email link to your doctor prior to your office visit.

Intestinal and Stomach/GI Symptoms

Ear, Eye, Head, Neck, Nose and Throat Symptoms

Heart Pain and Heart Symptoms

Back, Bone, Joint and Spinal/Joint Symptoms

Lung and Respiratory Symptoms

Bladder, Breast, Cervical, Genital, Gynecological

Ovarian, Pelvic, Prostate, Rectal, Reproductive/Urogenital

Testicular, Uterine and Urinary/Urogenital Symptoms

Skin Disorder Symptoms

Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Common Symptoms

Pain Symptoms