Lung Symptoms

With all of the medical information available today, patients can take a more active role in their medical care. This site can help you learn more about symptoms you want to discuss with your doctor. Click on symptoms from the list below to learn more about disorders exhibiting the symptoms you are experiencing before your next doctor visit.

Abdominal Pain & Discomfort

Bluish Lips/Nails

Chest Pain

Choking Sensation

Colored Sputum

Cough with Bloody Sputum

Dark Urine


Dry, Hacking Cough

Elevated Blood Pressure


Fluid in Lungs

Frequent Respiratory Infections


Irregular Heartbeat

Low Blood Pressure

Persistent Cough

Pneumonia, Recurring

Pressure in Chest

Rapid Breathing

Rapid Heart Rate

Recurring Bronchitis


Shortness of Breath

Sleep Problems

Sticky, Hard-to-Cough-Up Sputum

Swollen Ankles

Tightness in Chest