Head & Neck Symptoms

With all of the medical information available today, can take a more active role in medical care. This site can help you learn more about the symptoms you want to discuss with your doctor. Click on symptoms from the list below to learn about disorders that present with the symptoms similar to those you are experiencing before your next doctor visit.

Aches & Pains

Appetite Loss

Acid Taste in Mouth

Bad Breath

Bleeding Gums

Blocked Nasal Passages

Blurred Vision

Brain Pressure

Broken Blood Vessel in Eye

Cheek Pain

Clicking Sound in Jaw



Crooked Nose


Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty Chewing

Difficulty Speaking

Difficulty Moving Tongue or Jaw

Difficulty Swallowing

Dilated Pupils

Discharge from Ear

Discharge from Eye


Double Vision


Drooping Eyelids


Dry Eyes

Dry Mouth

Dull Pain Below Ear


Eye Discomfort

Eye Irritation

Eye Itchiness

Eye Pain

Eye Redness

Eye Swelling

Eyelash Loss

Eyelid Crusting

Eyelid Redness and Swelling

Eyelid Spasm

Eyelids Stuck Together Upon Awakening

Facial Pain




Floating Spots in Field of Vision

Fullness in Ear

General Weakness

Gradual Loss of Vision

Gritty Feeling in Eye

Hairy-Looking Tongue

Halo Effect


Hearing Loss


Impaired Memory

Impaired Sense of Smell

Inability to Open Jaw Wide

Inadequate Eye Lubrication

Increased Tear Production

Inflammation of Lower Eyelid

Involuntary Eye Movements

Light Flashes in Field of Vision

Loss of Balance

Loss of Consciousness

Loss of Facial Expression

Loss of Sense of Smell

Lump in Throat

Lump or Thickening in Throat


Mouth/Nose Ulcers

Nasal Congestion

Nasal Discharge


Odd Head Posture

Opaque, Milky-White Pupil

Pain & Swelling of Salivary Gland

Pain Over Temples


Paralysis of Limbs and Face

Persistent Cough

Personality Change

Plugged Ear

Poor Blinking Refex

Post-Nasal Drip

Pressure in Cheeks

Progressive Hearing Loss

Pus and Mucus in Tear Duct

Red Throat

Red Tonsils

Red, Scaly Eyelids

Red, Swollen Tongue

Redness/Tenderness in Floor of Mouth

Ringing in Ear

Runny Nose

Sensitivity to Light

Shortness of Breath

Sleep Problems

Slurred Speech


Stiff Neck

Swelling in the Mouth and Throat

Swelling in Neck

Swelling of Eye

Swelling, Pus and/or Mucus in Tear Ducts

Swollen Glands

Swollen, Red, Soft Gums

Tender Jaw Muscles

Throat Covered with Grayish Membrane

Throat Pain

Throbbing Pain in Head

White Spots in the Mouth and/or the Throat


Ulcers on Eyelids

Ulcers on the Tongue

Uncoordinated Eye Movements

Hearing Loss

Vision Disturbances


White Coating on Tonsils

Whitish Ring Around Pupil