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Click on the free Linking Tools link above to assemble and provide information about your symptoms to help your doctor better understand a disorder that is afflicting you. The information you provide is unique to you personally and includes updates on the medications you are taking. 

Provide your doctor a carefully thought-through selection of symptoms instead of  making "spontaneous" comments during a short office visit which may not fully describe the medical problem you are experiencing. Start by organizing your thinking with a review of the symptoms you are experiencing by anatomical area. Here you can learn more about the possible causes of your symptoms. For example, if you are experiencing symptoms in "The Intestinal and Stomach/GI" area check out the disorders associated with your symptoms. Tell your doctor what you suspect could be causing your problem. Information about the symptoms you are experiencing can help your doctor and office support staff  better understand and make a diagnosis of your disorder. Being proactive in your discussion with your doctor is not about being confrontational; rather it is about how you, the patient, can communicate more effectively with your doctor during an office visit.

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